To Play YouTube Videos and Flash Content inside Second Life

Second Life video play back may use the "Media on a Prim" (MOAP) mechanism itself based on the QTWebKit library and requires a Flash plug-in to show web pages with Flash content such as for YouTube. You should install the generic Flash Player for your Operating system. See

Do not use Internet Explorer when using that link. If Internet Explorer is the only browser you use, please ensure that you select Flash Player for Other Browsers, because the Internet Explorer version of Flashplayer is not compatible with any Second Life viewer.

One easy way to get the right plug in available is as follows:

  1. Download and install the Firefox viewer from if you do not already have it available. It does not need to be selected as your default browser.
  2. Visit and if necessary install the Flashplayer and its associated plug in for Firefox (which is also the generic Flashplayer). Untick the boxes to also install Google Chrome and any optional anti-virus systems or tool bar installs that are offered if you do not want them.
  3. Look at a sample YouTube video to make sure its working and to accept any popup flash settings requests.
  4. Start Second Life and video play back requiring Flash such should now work on Media on a Prim screens in Second Life.