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Vue is a virtual educational and research institute bringing together all those interested in
the use of virtual worlds for teaching, research and outreach related to the University of Edinburgh.
Openvue represents the use of open source virtual worlds technologies for Vue.
Openvue Sunset Openvue Map

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Openvue Grid [OpenSimulator 0.8.0 Dev 13-Apr-2014 r/24620 MySQL Grid Mode]
[Resources: Dynamic Map, Map Image, Connection Information]

  9046 9047 9048 9049 9050   Hypergrid
  Void Void Void Void Void Vue-Port on Openvue@9051,9051 Vue-Port on OSGrid@6400,6400VoidVoidVoid
9050 Void Void Void Void Openvue Void Hypergrid
9049 Far North Vue North Edinburgh North Edinburgh Uplands Sandbox Void Edinburgh on OSGrid@6400,6401 (F4K)
9048 Reserved for Far Vue Edinburgh University Edinburgh East Void Void Void
9047 Reserved for Far South Vue South Informatics Void OpenVCE (Hedlamp) Void OpenVCE on OSGrid@6400,6399 (Hedlamp)

Openvue News

GridGrid URLAccess
Openvue Grid

Visit via Hypergrid: Openvue  (at 9050,9050) OpenVCE  (at 9050,9047) Vue-Port (at 9051,9051)

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Visitors welcome via HyperGrid

Avatars on Openvue are provided as a privilege by AIAI and its staff and service may be discontinued at any time. Do not use the Openvue grid for essential tasks at this time. Voice services are subject to the Vivox Acceptable Use Policy. Also please report any abuse or IPR infringment stating the avatar name that caused any issue by e-mail to Austin Tate <>. Abuse which is considered valid will lead to termination of the registration of the avatar involved. Send appeals also to Austin Tate.

Other OpenSimulator Grids

Vue-hosted Hypergrid Gateways and Regions on OSGrid: Vue-Port  (at 6400,6400) [Hypergrid Portal] OpenVCE   (at 6400,6399) [Hedlamp] Edinburgh (at 6400,6401) [Fish4Knowledge] Vue-Rig   (at 6401,6400)

Register Here (Open to all)

Connecting to OpenSimulator with the Firestorm Viewer

The recommended viewer to access Openvue and other OpenSimulator-based virtual worlds is Firestorm. The latest OpenSim Version should be used. It can also be used to access Second Life but some advanced physics capabilities will not be available. See below. A Step-by-Step Guide (PDF format) written by Crista Lopes of UCI is available.

After installation, run Firestorm and go to Viewer -> Preferences -> OpenSim tab. In "Add New Grid" enter the loginuri as follows and hit "Apply".
You can then select "Openvue" in the "Log into Grid" drop down menu in the viewer.

hop:// and secondlife:// web links typically open in the latest viewer you have installed. You can control which viewer is used with this simple SLURL Proxy Tool.

Linden Labs Second Life Viewer

You cannot use the Linden Labs standard Second Life viewer to access OpenSimulator-based virtual worlds, since it contains a commercially licenced library for advanced physics computations.

Connecting to OpenSimulator with other Third Party Viewers

You can use any open source "Third Party Viewer" derived from the core of the main Linden Lab viewer (open source under LGPL licence) to access Opensim grids so long as it does not make use of the commercial licenced library. Examples are Singularity Viewer and CtrlAltStudio Viewer (including Stereoscopic 3D and Oculus Rift Support). Most provide easier configuration for access to alternative grids, and can still be used to access Second Life.

Enabling YouTube and Flash Content Playback in OpenSimulator

Instructions to allow Abobe Flash content (e.g. for YouTube videos) to be displayed in OpenSimulator are here.

Visual Anomolies and Recommended Settings

Object-Object Occlusion (which skips rendering of objects that are hidden behind others) when on can cause the watre surface of adjacent regions to flash on some graphics cards. If this happens it can be turned off with Ctrl+Shift+O (or via the Develop menu -> Rendering).

Vivox Acceptable Use Policy

Where voice services are provided via Vivox, users must respect the acceptable use policy available at [Local Copy as at January 2012: here]. Please report abuse and violations for investigation to

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